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Biscoland, a subsidiary of Holmarcom, a private Moroccan group that is one of the major players in the Moroccan economic landscape, is a new entrant operating since 2023 in the biscuit, chocolate, and confectionery sectors.

Biscoland operates in the biscuit segment through its “it” brand, implementing a clear vision of offering a wide range of aspirational products, both premium and affordably priced, thanks to generous, high-quality, and innovative recipes.

Biscoland manufactures all its products in a state-of-the-art factory, allowing it to control the time-to-market and ensure the quality of its offerings. All Biscoland brands are distributed via an extensive network covering the entire Moroccan territory.

Biscoland also operates in the chocolate and confectionery sector through its “T’choco” brand, which offers a wide range of praline products, bars, tablets, and spreads.