About US

Our commitments

Since its creation, BISCOLAND, a 100% Moroccan company, has placed quality and food safety at the heart of its business development. Our commitment also extends to innovation, environmental protection, and the health and safety of our employees.

These commitments and concerns go beyond mere compliance with regulations; they are intended to form the foundations of the company’s ability to meet the internal management needs of the business and the external needs of our customers’ expectations.

We firmly believe that quality and food safety should not simply be attributes of our products, but rather an integral vision of our company.

This encompasses our entire business cycle, involves our suppliers, and relies on the daily responsibility of all those who contribute to the running of the company. To make this concept of quality a reality, and to meet our commitments to pollution prevention and environmental protection, we are guided by the following principles:


Gas saving: Our production process incorporates cutting-edge technologies that optimize the use of gas, reducing our carbon footprint and preserving our country's valuable natural resources.


Saving electricity: Aware of our responsibility towards the environment, we invest in energy-efficient solutions to minimize our electricity consumption. From selecting renewable energy suppliers to adopting energy-efficient technologies, we strive to make a positive contribution to preserving our planet.


Motion Detector (Photocell) for Water Consumption Optimization: Concerned with minimizing our impact on water resources, we have integrated motion detectors (photocells) into our production process. These innovative devices allow for precise water usage, preventing unnecessary waste and thus contributing to the preservation of this vital resource.

As a result, our commitment to the environment is reflected in every aspect of our business, and we are also committed to conserving resources and energy, reducing the generation of waste, particularly packaging waste, and generally preventing pollution.